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Social Work

Social work services are provided to individuals, families and caregivers based on the intervention and care that is necessary. We work closely with clients to address complex and unique psychosocial needs.

Our social workers provide the strategies needed to improve functional independence, whether that is counseling, assistance with palliative care, or caregiver support. We take time to answer the many questions you have.

Confidential social work services are flexible to address individual needs.

  • We assess psychosocial functioning of clients and families

  • We provide counseling, emotional support, palliative care and motivation to help clients and families develop the skills necessary to function independently

  • We consult with other members of the healthcare team if necessary

We recognize that crises cause disruption. We are here to help with intervention and strategies for the rehabilitation process. CommuniCare provides ongoing support and education as required by the individual, his or her family, caregivers and client care team.

CommuniCare welcomes self-referrals and referrals from physicians, insurance companies, private businesses, school boards, and Community Care Access Centres (CCAC).

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